Galaxy Costumes

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Galaxy Costumes
Cosmetic Type Costumes
Rarity Mythical
(All of them)
Price 800 gems each (Apprentice - Monk)
Availability Available (Apprentice - Monk)

Obtainable (Abyss Lord - Barbarian)

Hero ApprenticeSquireHuntressMonkAbyss LordSeries EV2Gun WitchLavamancerMysticDryadInitiateAdeptBarbarian

The Galaxy Costumes are a set of costumes that are cosmic versions of a hero's default costume. Every current hero have a Galaxy costume. Costumes for the first four heroes (The Apprentice to The Monk) cost 800 gems each while costumes for the rest (The Abyss Lord to The Barbarian) can only be obtained through Defender Packs.

The Apprentice - Galaxy Apprentice

Galaxy Apprentice Front and Back.png

Drawing magical energies from a galaxy still undiscovered.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text

Star Eyed View Icon.png

Star Eyed View

Head You don't need a telescope to see these stars.

Star Cloak Icon.png

Star Cloak

Cape Made of the finest time-space fabric, one might say it's as real as it is unreal.

Star Wizard Garb Icon.png

Star Wizard Garb

Torso An update to the classic wizard outfit. Beard sold separately.

Solar Leggings Icon.png

Solar Leggings

Legs Leggings do not require batteries.

The Squire - Galaxy Squire

Galaxy Squire Front and Back.png

Muscles large enough to have a gravitational pull.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Empty Space Icon.png

Empty Space

Head There's not much to fill this vacuum.
Of Giants Icon.png

Of Giants

Armor You are the latest chapter in the book of history.
Olympus Mons Icon.png

Olympus Mons

Torso Hail to the mighty mountain!
Planetary Pillars Icon.png

Planetary Pillars

Legs Strong enough to support a celestial body.

The Huntress - Galaxy Huntress

Galaxy Huntress Front and Back.png

The universe is at your fingertips. Literally.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Galactic Vision Icon.png

Galactic Vision

Head It's full of stars.
Guns of Titans Icon.png

Guns of Titans

Arms You could almost carry the moon. Almost.
Celestial Disguise Icon.png

Celestial Disguise

Waist Blend in with the stars.
Legs of Venus Icon.png

Legs of Venus

Legs The planet, not the fly trap.

The Monk - Galaxy Monk

Galaxy Monk Front and Back.png

Finding balance in the distant cosmos.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Novalis Icon.png


Head You can see into the heart of an exploding star.
Quasar Heart Icon.png

Quasar Heart

Torso Your soul is super massive.
Kuiper Belt Icon.png

Kuiper Belt

Waist You are finally beyond Neptune's reach.
Photon Feet Icon.png

Photon Feet

Legs Makes light work out of walking and running!

The Abyss Lord - Galaxy Abyss Lord

Galaxy Abyss Lord front and back.png

Tapping into the vast void is the Abyss Lord's specialty so empowering itself with dark cosmic energy comes just as easily.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Void Star Glare Icon.png

Void Star Glare

Head When your stare into the abyss, the abyss indeed stares back and this is what it looks like.
Dark Nebulae Robe Icon.png

Dark Nebulae Robe

Torso No longer made of tangible material, the void encircles the Abyss Lord completely consuming itself.
Endless Void Grasp Icon.png

Endless Void's Grasp

Arms Nothing escapes the their grip, not even light itself.
Pillars Of Oblivion Icon.png

Pillars of Oblivion

Armor The negative counterpart to the pillars of creation, these pauldrons show the end of the universe itself.

Series EV2 - Galaxy EV2 Exowear

Galaxy EV2 Exowear front and back.png

This is EV2's Dark Matter energy infused armor variant, it's powered by stars and space!


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Chroma Star Cranium Icon.png

Chroma Star Cranium

Head EV2's cranial components are encased in space-time folded chroma star steel.
Nebula Core Chassis Icon.png

Nebula Core Chassis

Torso Encircling the core casing is a thousand stars each one a point of power for EV2 to exploit.
Supernova Cannon Icon.png

Supernova Cannon

Arm Cannon The Supernova Cannon is rather self explanatory, it means there's the energy equivalent of an exploding star powering EV2's cannon.
Chroma Star Ambulators Icon.png

Chroma Star Ambulators

Legs Move through space-time with the Chroma Star Ambulators.

The Gunwitch - Galaxy Gunwitch

Galaxy Gunwitch Front and Back.png

Often witches are known to dabble in magics of nature, the Gunwitch has tapped into cosmic power!


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Nebulous Ammo Hat Icon.png

Nebulous Ammo Hat

Head No longer holstering common bullets, this space fabric hat and bandolier carries bullets of dark matter.
Bodice of Space-Time Icon.png

Bodice of Space-Time

Torso Form fitting otherworldly fabric allows the Gunwitch to look ethereal and slip through gaps in reality.
Stellaris BAT-pack Icon.png

Stellaris BAT-pack

Backpack The enchanted bat pack now infused with cosmic powers has the holding capacity of a singularity.
Lightyear Boots Icon.png

Lightyear Boots

Legs Boots empowered by mysterious cosmic forces to traverse the galactic vastness at light speed. (Disclaimer: you still move at normal speed.)

The Lavamancer - Galaxy Lavamancer

Galaxy Lavamancer front and back.png

Cosmic forces collide with the devastating volcanic forces that fuel the Lavamancer to form this impressive armor.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Gaze of Eons Icon.png

Gaze of Eons

Head His burning eyes glow like distant stars against the backdrop of inky space.
Molten Nebulae Carapace Icon.png

Molten Nebulae Carapace

Torso Space and Time appear to warp around this cosmically dense armor.
Cosmic Grasp Icon.png

Cosmic Grasp

Arms Half in and half out this arm has the power to manipulate magma and space.
Graviton Magma Greaves Icon.png

Graviton Magma Greaves

Legs Particles of cosmic energy swirl around the magma encased leg armor.

The Mystic - Galaxy Mystic

Galaxy Mystic Front and Back.png

The powers of the Serpent God extend to the cosmos itself, no greater expression exist than in this galactic form of the Mystic.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Head - Serpentus Cosmic Glare.png

Serpentus Cosmic Glare

Head See through the eyes of the cosmos, the serpent god's power beckons you with its alluring gaze.
Torso - Dark Matter Sahri.png

Dark Matter Sahri

Torso The shifting and swirling fabric of space-time flows unhindered over the Mystic's form.
Gauntlet - Dark Star Ouroboros.png

Dark Star Ouroboros

Gauntlet Infused with dark cosmic energies, the gemstones on the serpent god's gauntlet avatar glow with seductive power.
Legs - Sarong of Stellaris.png

Sarong of Stellaris

Legs The vastness of space can be seen in the cosmic fabric accented by the glint of a million stars.

The Dryad - Galaxy Dryad

Galaxy Dryad front and back.png

The Dryad is the embodiment of life giving energy, the universe is the source of existence and she has taken on this form.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Star Maker's Visage Icon.png

Star Maker's Visage

Head Her eyes glow with the fury of burning suns, they're a testament to the Dryad's power over life.
Starry Figure Form Icon.png

Starry Figure Form

Torso The Dryad's figure is already formidably beautiful but now filled with stars and the vastness of space, it is unrivaled.
Wings of Infinity Icon.png

Wings of Infinity

Wings Stretching across the deep cosmos itself, the Dryad's wings echo the galactic infinity.
Cosmos Walkers Icon.png

Cosmos Walkers

Legs A lissom form and graceful posture accentuated by vibrant cosmic energies.

The Initiate - Galaxy Initiate

Galaxy Initiate front and back.png

Focal points of cosmic power gravitated towards the initiate's tranquil nature empowering her form into this avatar of galactic energy.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Lucid Stargazer Eyes Icon.png

Lucid Stargazer Eyes

Head Calm collected countenance exudes from the Initiate's now starlit vision.
Gi of Constellations Icon.png

Gi of Constellations

Torso Starlit embodiment of the seven virtues the Initiate holds to shine vibrantly on her body.
Sleeves of Eternity Icon.png

Sleeves of Eternity

Arms The mysterious flowing material appears to stretch into cosmic infinity.
Cosmic Poise Icon.png

Cosmic Poise

Legs As if assisted by gravity itself, her balance is uncompromised in this form.

The Adept - Galaxy Adept

Galaxy Adept front and back.png

The Adept has learned to tap into the power cosmic with her studious pursuits into the arcane.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Head - Lenses of Astronomos.png

Lenses of Astronomos

Head A blessing from the wizened cosmic entity Astronomos who gives sight to the insightful.
Torso - Astronomical Acedemic Robes.png

Astronomical Academic Robes

Torso Much like the Adept's vast intellect, these robes reflect the vast vastness of space and time and all the possibilities it contains.
Bag - Satchel of Astronomos.png

Satchel of Astronomos

Bag Another gift from the ethereal cosmic force that is Astronomos, this satchel contains wondrous and mysterious secrets.
Legs - Graviton Grip Boots.png

Graviton Grip Boots

Legs Boots formed from manipulating cosmic matter and gravitons.

The Barbarian - Galaxy Barbarian

Galaxy Barbarian front and back.png

Far across the cosmos, a champion mightier than a thousand stars bathes in glory.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Galactic Crown Icon.png

Galactic Crown

Head The king of all cosmos approves this crown.
Galactic Chest Icon.png

Galactic Chest

Torso Can be used to lift up to 3.5 solar masses.
Galactic Gauntlets Icon.png

Galactic Gauntlets

Arms Can deflect rogue asteroids with little effort.
Galactic Cloth Icon.png

Galactic Cloth

Legs Made from the fabric of space-time itself.

Notes and Trivia

  • Alongside the Shadow Costumes and the Dragonfall Carnival Costumes, The Galaxy Costumes for the original four heroes were part of the Dragonfall Carnival Event as you can have a chance to win them from the Bling Wheel in the Carnival if you have an Admission Pass.
  • An interesting thing to note would be the difference in tone of the flavor texts between the original four and the rest - The former are quite simple and also having a little humor in them while the latter is more on adding some form of backstory to them.


  • Power of the Ancients Splash Logo.png 2.3 : Introduced for the Barbarian.
  • Power of the Ancients Splash Logo.png 2.0 : Introduced for The Abyss Lord, Series EV2, Gunwitch, Lavamancer, Mystic, Dryad, Initiate and Adept.
  • [Early Access] 10.0 : Introduced for The Apprentice, Squire, Huntress and Monk.