Humbug Holiday Costumes

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Humbug Holiday Costumes
Humbug Holiday Costume Wallpaper.jpg
Cosmetic Type Costumes
Rarity Epic (Apprentice, Squire & Huntress)

Mythical (Monk)

Availability Unavailable
Hero ApprenticeSquireHuntressMonk

The Humbug Holiday Costumes are a set of unique Christmas themed costumes. Only The Apprentice, The Squire, The Huntress and The Monk have a Humbug Holiday costume. They are only available and obtainable during 2015's winter event which starts from December 15th 2015 and ends on January 12th 2016.

These costumes are currently no longer available.

How they were acquired

The winter lockboxes

Back in 2015's Winter Event, there were two options to obtain the costume. One would be acquiring them through winter lockboxes which enemies drops only for the duration of the event. The other option would be to directly purchase them from the Seamstress for 400 gems each as they are also available there for the duration of the event.

The Apprentice - Reaper of Future Winters

Reaper of Future Winters Front and Back.png

Goblins will learn the inevitable fate for their misdeeds.


Changeable - Cape Pieces

Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Reaper's Cloak Icon.png

Reaper's Cloak

Very effective for keeping the soul dust of the damned off of you.
Capre of Grim Futures Icon.png

Cape of Grim Futures

You can say his fashion sense is ahead of it's time.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Hood of Foreboding Icon.png

Hood of Foreboding

Powerful Head Perfect for keeping the sun off your eyes.. and off your skin. Does he have skin?
Tunic of Inevitability Icon.png

Tunic of Inevitability

Epic Torso Reaper Black goes with everything.
Legwraps of Fate Icon.png

Legwraps of Fate

Powerful Legs An improvement over the full robe model, makes it easier for crossing into the future.

The Squire - Lord of Winter's Bounty

Lord of Winter's Bounty Front and Back.png

This jolly giant will bring a cornucopia of pain.


Changeable - Armor Pieces

Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Cornucopia of Bountiful Feast Icon.png

Cornucopia of Bountiful Feast

Eat, drink and be merry...seriously just take this stuff off my shoulders.
Holiday Ham of the Harvest Icon.png

Holiday Ham of the Harvest

I've heard of someone being ham-fisted.. but ham-shouldered? Yum.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Jolly Helm of Holly Icon.png

Jolly Helm of Holly

Powerful Head With head gear that festive, you can't bring this guy's spirit down.
Verdant Robes of the Present Icon.png

Verdant Robes of the Present

Powerful Torso Tis the Season for green fluffy robes.
Slippers of Jolly Steps Icon.png

Slippers of Jolly Steps

Epic Legs A warm pair of soft fuzzy slippers can't be beat.

The Huntress - Nymph of Yesteryear

Nymph of Yesteryear front and Back.png

Makes enemies Holiday History.


Changeable - Head Pieces

Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Flowering Circlet of Bygones Icon.png

Flowering Circlet of Bygones

It's amazing what you can do with a few leaves and a little time.
High Crown of Winter's Past Icon.png

High Crown of Winter's Past

It's said that each branch on the crown is a hundred winters of memories... that's a lot of winters..


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Gilded Robe of Memories Icon.png

Gilded Robe of Memories

Powerful Torso Who ever said being a ghost means you can't dress elegantly?
Girdle of Fond Remembrance Icon.png

Girdle of Fond Remembrance

Epic Waist Made entirely of happy memories.
Leggings of Bygone Winters Icon.png

Leggings of Bygone Winters

Powerful Legs Comfort, style, and functionality and gold leafy things.

The Monk - Mournful Moorley

Mounful Moorley Front and Back.png

Goblins Beware! He will make change out of you.


Changeable - Torso Pieces

Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Ghost Rattling Chains Icon.png

Ghostly Rattling Chains

Just the right length of chain to tie your worldly possessions to in the afterlife.
Specter's Heavy Chain Links Icon.png

Specter's Heavy Chain Links

Does your chain hang low? Does it have an eerie glow?


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Mounful Specter's Jaw Strap Icon.png

Mournful Specter's Jaw Strap

Epic Head For when your jaw goes slack after you take a dirt nap.
Weighty Coin Box Pantaloons Icon.png

Weighty Coin Box Pantaloons

Powerful Waist Whoever said that you can't take it with you, clearly never tried to chain it to themselves.
Ghastly Buckled Shoes Icon.png

Ghastly Buckled Shoes

Powerful Legs Number one choice in ghostly foot wear for haunts and ghouls alike.

Notes and Trivia

  • The name of this costume set references the protagonist of A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge's catchphrase - "Bah! Humbug!"



[Early Access 9.0] : Introduced.