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Kobold - Tier 1.png

Kobold - Tier 2.png

Kobold - Tier 3.png

Enemy Types Support
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances All game modes
Schedule Icon Kobold Icon.png

The Kobold is a suicidal enemy with dynamite strapped to its back, that blows up in an effort to damage defenses and heroes. When within range, the Kobold will light its fuse and charge at high speed, then explode once it has reached its target, dealing high damage.

Kobolds have 3 variants:

  • Normal Kobolds have a backpack-like set of dynamite and walk at an average speed. They still deal high amounts of damage.
  • A variant of Kobolds that have a larger set of dynamite and deal much more damage than a regular Kobold, but the heavy weight makes them slower.
  • A variant of Kobolds that have roller skates, making them much faster, but deals less damage than a normal Kobold


If you are unable to kill them before they explode, the next best strategy is putting something in their way to take the damage of the explosion. Blockades are great at absorbing damage since that is what they are designed to do, but a hero can also take the hit if that will save the blockade from getting destroyed or a tower that may be in their way.