Proton Beam

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Proton Beam
EV2 ProtonBeam.png
EV2 builds a Proton Beam chain that slows and deals damage to enemies inside it.
Tower Statistics
Hero: Series EV2
Level Required: 1
Mana Cost: 30 first proton
10 each next
Base Attack Rate: 0.6s
Damage Type: Magical
Status Effect: Slow

Attack multiple enemies and slow them down. With special passive it can also freeze every enemy it touch.
You can place up to 9 protons as one defense (min 30DU max 110DU).

Attribute Tier One Tier Two Tier Three Tier Four Tier Five
Attack Damage
Defense Power (x)
0.6x 0.78x 0.96x 1.14x 1.32x
Crit Damage
Defense Crit Damage (x)
1.15x 1.5x 1.84x 2.185x 2.53x
Max Health
Defense Health (x)
40x 50x 60x 70x 80x