Shield Goblin Gorbstock

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Shield Goblin Gorbstock
Damage Type  ??
Damage  ??
Health  ??


Gorbstock is the boss Vanguard in Chaos 1 difficulty. He has a chance of appearing on wave 5 and is slightly bigger and more green than the rest. He also carries a shield which blocks projectiles rendering them useless.


To deal with him is the same way as you deal with Vanguards, you will want to place Auras, Traps or Nodes but you can use some Towers that are not projectile based like Ramster or Flamethrower. It is also possible to place Projectile Towers on the sides of the lane aimed to hit them in the back but it is generally harder to do so. A Piercer mod can be used to bypass the projectile block at the cost of reduced damage.

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