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=== Frosty- ===
Any [[Frost EnemiesEnemy|frost enemies]] can be seen here. This will only appear around floor 30 and beyond. The Yeti [[Incursions|incursion]] will introduce you to these mobs.
=== Lava- ===
== Lane Mutators ==
WIP '''Lane mutators can change enemy mechanics, such as health, resistances, and even immunities. Lane mutators usually don't appear until floor 3, but the further you go in Onslaught, the more mutators you will see. Each lane may have a maximum of 2 mutators altering it.''' '''Here is a list of the possible mutators that can be found:''' === Proximity ===The closer your hero or your defense is to an enemy with this mutator, the more damage said hero/defense deals. Traps are extremely effective in these lanes due to most of them requiring close proximity, but auras and nodes can do some decent work, too. If you're in an earlier onslaught floor, blockades also work well. === Long Shot ===This is the opposite of Proximity - the farther you or your defense is from an enemy, the more damage the enemy will take. Towers benefit most from this mutator. [[Poison Dart Tower|Poison Dart Towers]] and [[Earthshatter Tower|Earthshatter Towers]] make a great combo for Long Shot lanes as you can [[Petrify|petrify]] enemies while hitting them from a long distance. === Armored ===This mutator causes enemies to take less physical damage, but more magical damage. You will want to avoid using any of the [[Squire|Squire's]] defenses as they all deal physical damage. [[Explosive Trap|Explosive Traps]] will also be less effective. All of the [[Apprentice|Apprentice's]] and [[Monk|Monk's]] defenses deal magical damage, so consider using them when building this lane. If you wish to use a tower that normally deals physical damage, you can apply an elemental [[Mods|servo]] to convert the tower to magical damage. All elements will do the trick. If you want to know whether or not your tower deals physical or magical damage, look at the damage numbers that appear when enemies take damage. While numbers are physical damage, purple numbers are magical, and red numbers are critical hits (can be physical or magical). === Spellbreaker ===Just like how the Armored mutator reduces physical damage and increases magical damage, this mutator does the opposite. The [[Squire's]] defenses are highly recommended, but [[Explosive Trap|Explosive Traps]] are great source of AOE damage while still dealing physical damage. Because the [[Sky Guard Tower]] shoots magical bolts, this mutator can be a nightmare on air lanes, as you're essentially to use [[Cannonball Tower|Cannonball Towers]] or [[Ballista|Ballistas]] to effectively deal any considerable damage to flyers with this mutator. === Power Block ===Enemies with this mutator are immune to hero abilities. However, they take extra damage from your weapons. If you are actively defending in a lane with this mutator, you will want to use a hero with high Hero Damage but low Ability Power. === Brittle ===Brittle enemies spawn with more health, but receive a resistance debuff when hit by any of your hero abilities. It is ideal for you to actively defend in this lane, so your defenses don't have to deal with the extra health. However it won't be really useful if you don't use active abilities very often or abilities that can be toggled. Don't ignore your other lanes, either! === Soft Spot ===Enemies receive less damage from all sources, except when they're attacked from their weak point. Unfortunately, there aren't many enemies that have weakpoints, making this mutator rather annoying. If you're lucky enough to have a [[Goblin Siege Roller]] spawn with this mutator, however, you can utilize it's weak point to destroy it very quickly. === Unstoppable ===Unstoppable enemies are immune to [[Slow|slow]] debuffs. This does not affect [[Berserker Orcs]] or [[Frost Enemy|Frost Enemies]] as they are already immune to slow effects. While unstoppable enemies cannot be slowed, they are still vulnerable to [[Stun|stuns.]] === Headstrong ===Instead of being immune to [[Slow|slows,]] Headstrong enemies cannot be [[Stun|stunned.]]
== History ==

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