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=== Rule 1 ===
The further you progress through floors in Onslaught, the higher level enemies will become. This seems straightforward on the surface, but you can end up with enemies far stronger than in [[Chaos|chaos 7]] difficulty on floors above 30+.
=== Rule 2 ===
=== Frosty- ===
[[Frost Enemies]] can be seen here. This will only appear around at [[Chaos]] 7 difficulty or higher (floor 30 and beyond28+). The Yeti [[Incursions|incursion]] will introduce you to these mobs.
=== Lava- ===
[[Lava Guardians]] will spawn here. This also only appears around at [[Chaos]] 7+ difficulty (floor 30+28 or higher). If you are having trouble dealing with these guys, they can also be found in the Demon Lord [[Incursions|incursion]].
=== Bullet Sponge ===
This gives monsters a shield that reflects any projectiles that hit it, essentially giving all monsters in that lane the same properties that [[Geodes]] have. However, unlike Geodes, these shields can will break with enough punishment, so don't completely avoid in a single hit from a non-projectileattack -based towers if you have to use oneeither from your hero or from a defense.
An Traps, auras, and nodes are all great for removing bullet sponges. AOE towers like the [[Earthshatter Flamethrower Tower]] is great for long-range targeting and ignoring the shield at the same time. If you need to use another defense, a piercer [[Mods|servoSkeletal Ramster]] allows projectiles are also capable of removing bullet sponge. Once this mutator is removed from an enemy, it becomes vulnerable to penetrate through shields at the cost of less damageall projectile attacks.
=== Detonator ===
Cursi-kaze is capable of stacking, should multiple kobolds be defeated at the same time. This can result in nonexistent damage and range on your defenses, effectively rendering them useless. Be careful!
If you boost a defense's range far past its range cap, it can become resistant to this mutator and reduce (or even completely nullify) the range debuff. However, your defense's range can still be easily overwhelmed should multiple curse zones stack, so it's not a permanent solution to this mutator.
=== Controlled Burn ===
If you do not have a decent crowd control build, consider using [[Poison Dart Tower|Poison Dart Towers.]] [[Geyser Trap|Geyser Traps]] applies [[Drenched|drench]] to enemies, which not only allows them to take damage, but it also slows them. However, geyser traps have one of the smallest ranges in the game and a very long recharge, so it is not a reliable way to deal with controlled burn.
[[Frostbite Tower|Frostbite Towers]] will chill enemies, which also counts as a status effect. However, frostbite towers alone cannot deal damage, so be sure to pair it with another defense while the frostbite if focused on a group of enemies!. If you also manage to drench enemies as well, your Frostbite can [[Freeze]] them solid.
== History ==
Onslaught used to be much harder before it was taken out of the game during temporarily removed in the Trials update. Each floor required you to beat multiple maps to pass it - usually around 3 per floor. Additionally, should one of your main cores get destroyed, Onslaught has been brought was much less forgiving. Instead of being able to restart at the wave you lost to, you had to start back with on the first wave AND on the first map! [[Mods]] weren't featured in the recent updategame at that time either, meaning it was much harder to attune a defense to a specific element and use said defense to apply elemental combos.
From the 19.0 [ Patch notes], "Onslaught is finally taking the rest we’ve been talking about. In the future, we have plans for an Onslaught revamp or for a new system to take its place. It shall be reborn!"

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