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== Chaos VI ==
[[Hex Thrower]]s is the name of the main threat of this chaostier. They are range type enemies with the longest range in game and throw javelins that can curse your defenses. Don't forget that you have to deal with all previous special enemies you met on previous chaos (except [[Cybork]]s). Keep in mind that [[Dark Assassin]]s do their appearences at wave 3, 4 and 5. At wave 5 you have a special surprise, a [[Hex Thrower]] in the form of a boss will appear.
Best way to defend against cursed javelins of a [[Hex Thrower]] is to use your [[Reflect Beam]]s of your series EV2 hero.
== Chaos VII ==
A new flying threat introduced in this tier under the name [[Kobolt]]. They will agro on your defenses and suicide with an explotion on them if they are close to their paths. In case your towers survive the impact they ll be stunned for the next 20-30 seconds. All previous special enemies do their appearance as well into this tier. At wave 5 usually you have a special surprise,
the [[Zapper]] , a boss type enemy with the abilities of a [[Kobolt]].
[[Flame Aura]]s , [[Sky Guard Tower]]s and [[Weapon Manufacturer]] are among the most used ones to defend against this new type of enemy.

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