The Colossus

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The Colossus
AbyssLord Colossus.png
The ultimate in movable defense and obliteration, this Demonic undead warrior crushes enemies while also acting as a powerful blockade.
Tower Statistics
Hero: Abyss Lord
Level Required: 1
Mana Cost: 80
Base Attack Rate: 3s
Damage Type: Psychical Crushing
Status Effect: None
Combo Finisher: Shatter

Colossus is the toughest barricade in the entire game. It can be moved any time by selecting #8 hotkey, however it can be placed once per character.
Colossus's basic attacks deal psychical AoE damage up to 800 units away.

Attribute Tier One Tier Two Tier Three Tier Four Tier Five
Attack Damage
Defense Power (x)
8x 13.2x 18.4x 23.6x 28.8x
Crit Damage
Defense Crit Damage (x)
0.85x 1.402x 1.9546x 2.507x 3.06x
Max Health
Defense Health (x)
175x 218.75x 262.5x 306.25x 350x