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In Dungeon Defenders II, players get one fresh daily mission a day and one bonus mission once per week. Players can't re-roll bonus missions. The Calling All Heroes update did a massive change to all rewards and available daily missions in order to support the new replacement for Wyvern Tokens, the Defender Medals.

List of Bonus Missions

Name Defender Medals Description
Critical Reasoning 600 Land 500 random critical hits
Delay of Game 600 Stun or Knockup 200 enemies
Shiny and Chrome 600 Win the Chrome Enemies Incursion
Eywa Has Heard You 600 Win the Forest Poachers Incursion
Chaos Sanctuary 600 Win the Demon Slayer Incursion
Those Without Faces 600 Win the Altar of the Athame Incursion
Master the Upside Down 600 Perfect Win Altar of the Athame Incursion
Quab Duty 600 Win without losing a sub-objective (x2)
Agression Funnel 600 Defeat 100 enemies with abilities
Bling's Demise 600 Win the Little-Horn Valley Incursion
Let Them Eat Cake 600 Win the Bastille Incursion