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Tuskar is a Special Enemy. He is the mini-boss variant of the Warboar, often appearing in Chaos Expeditions, Onslaught and Incursions. Tuskar resembles a large Warboar but dark purple in color. He behaves similarly to Warboars, both having fast attack speed and medium to high damage. He is also quite agile like Warboars and Goblins. Notably, he seems to have a higher than normal resistance to stuns.


His fast movement speed allows him to quickly move through the map and take out the objectives. This attribute makes him a potentially dangerous threat for unaware Heroes. Make sure to always keep the barricade on his lane up, for he can be difficult to stop once he is headed to the core.

Tuskar is also particularly dangerous for melee Heroes to fight, due to his attacks consistently hitting players behind him, at approximately the same range as his attack in front of him. Coupled with his fast attack speed, he is rather difficult to fight head on. Generally, the preferred method of fighting him is with a ranged Heroes like the Huntress or Apprentice, assisted by strong barricades and towers. As a miniboss he has a very high amount of health.

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