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Squire ballista.png
Fires a piercing projectile that deals Physical Damage in a line. Deals less damage to each enemy hit after the first. Can attack Flying enemies
Tower Statistics
Hero: Squire
Level Required: 1
Mana Cost: 60
Base Attack Rate: 4.00s
Damage Type: Physical
Status Effect: None

A Burst Tower that attacks multiple targets in a straight line in a very long range. Deals more damage the longer the bolt travels, dealing maximum damage at long range.
Can be enhanced by the Powerful Spears spec, giving Ballista projectiles a chance to deal full damage to all targets pierced for the next 4 seconds.

Attribute Tier One Tier Two Tier Three Tier Four Tier Five
Attack Damage
Defense Power (x)
21.27x 24.46x 26.65x 30.84x 34.03x
Max Health
Defense Health (x)
30x 33x 36x 39x 42x
Attack Range
4000 4000 4000 4000 4000