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Billboards are a panel of information visible above the spawn points of a map during a build phase. Basic information is visible by default and a more detailed view can be seen when a player holds the 'SHIFT' button (by default).

The number of Physical Resist and Magic Resist Lanes per map is constant (Ie: Gates of Dragonfall will always have 2 Magic Resist lanes and 1 Physical Resist Lane), but their placement is randomly generated every time the map is started.

The number of each Threat Color a wave has is constant for each map on each difficulty, but is random in their placement each wave.

Basic View

File:Basic green billboard.png

The Basic View of the Billboard appears over each spawn point during the Build Phase of each wave. On the Basic View a player can see the name of the lane, the type of resistance the lane will focus on, the number of enemies spawning from the spawn point, and a color to show the relative intensity of the spawn point.

Threat Colors

The color that appears under the name of the lane shows a relative intensity of Enemies that will spawn in that lane for the wave. The color of a lane can change every wave. There are 6 different colors:

Detailed View

The Detailed View of the Billboard can be seen when a player holds the "SHIFT" key (by default). The detailed view extends the Basic View downwards and shows specific information about what enemies will spawn.

In this example you can see that the River Low Path will have 102 enemies spawning with some of them being resistant to Magic damage. Included in the spawn will be:

A special mini-boss
16 Tier 2 Goblins 16 Tier 3 Goblins
16 Tier 2 Bomb Goblins 8 Tier 3 Bomb Goblins
7 Tier 1 Kobolds 14 Tier 2 Kobolds 7 Tier 3 Kobolds
2 Tier 1 Dark Mages
3 Tier 1 Drakins
2 Tier 3 Witherbeasts
3 Tier 1 Warboars 3 Tier 2 Warboars 3 Tier 3 Warboars
1 Tier 1 Lady Orc
1 Tier 1 Ogre