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This article is about the regular Ogre. For the cannon variety, see Cannon Ogre. For the frost variant, the Yeti, see Frost Enemies.

Ogres are strong minibosses that have a variety of unique abilities at their disposal. It is important to know the characteristics of each ability so you can defeat one without too much difficulty.

Ogres move at average speed and deal high melee damage. Their attacks can cleave - the AOE radius of their attacks is around average.


Ogres have two abilities: Slime Toss and Seismic Slam.

Slime Toss is used when your hero or a defense is far away from an ogre. Heroes are prioritized over defenses. The ogre attacks by spitting out icky slime from their mouth, then throwing it at you. Upon contact with the ground or a target, the slime ball explodes, applying a movement speed debuff in an AOE radius around its impact point, slowing everyone hit to a crawl. It is possible to avoid the AOE radius if your hero is fast enough, but it can be tricky.

Despite ogres targeting towers and blockades with this ability, none of your defenses suffer from this ability, as it only harms movement speed - not attack speed.

Seismic Slam is used when a hero approaches an ogre. It functions very similar to the Squire's Seismic Slam, except it does not stun anything hit by it.

This move deals very high damage to anything hit, but can easily be avoided by jumping. However, your towers will have a much harder time jumping than your hero does, so be careful where you approach an ogre!

Additionally, any defenses will not trigger this move. If an ogre is already near your defenses, it might be best to stay out of range or else they will destroy all nearby defenses.


  • Cannonball Towers deal high damage to a single target, making them ideal against almost all minibosses.
  • Any form of Stun will interrupt the ogre's abilities, should one be in the middle of using it. Interrupting Seismic Slam can make ogres much easier to approach.
  • Seismic Slam cannot damage traps, auras, or nodes. This makes these defenses ideal for assisting your hero (though towers also work from long range).