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Campaign of the game that introduces the player to Dungeon Defenders II. Currently there is a Normal and Hard mode of each of the listed maps below. After completing the Campaign players will typically make their way over to Incursions and Chaos modes.

Act I: Attack on Dragonfall

  • The Gates of Dragonfall
  • Dragonfall Bazaar
  • Greystone Plaza
  • The Ramparts
  • The Throne Room

Act II: The Come from Below

  • Siphon Site D
  • Dragonfall Sewers

Act III: Tracking the Wyvern

  • Little-Horn Valley
  • Forest Crossroads
  • Liferoot Forest
  • The Wyvern Den

Act IV: Investigating the Ruins

  • Forgotten Ruins
  • Nimbus Reach

Act V: Realms of Death

  • The Dead Road
  • Temple of the Necrotic

Act VI: Siege

  • Ramparts Siege
  • Assault on Throne Room
  • Harbinger's Warship