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The Campaign of the game introduces the player to Dungeon Defenders II. Currently there is a Normal and Hard mode of each of the listed maps below. After completing the Campaign players will typically make their way over to Adventures and after that Expeditions.
The first 3 maps in Normal mode serve as the Tutorial for the game, when playing these maps your Hero Deck will be altered to fit the Tutorial, these changes are not permanent.

The Campaign is made up of 8 different maps, while playing these Maps the 4 base heroes will have small conversations with each other over the Map, the Core, defending or just jokes.

World Map



The Gates of Dragonfall

TheGatesofDragonfall MapIcon.png

A cart transporting an Eternia Crystal has collapsed outside of the gates of Dragonfall. Now those gates are closed and the Old Ones' armies seek to destroy the Crystal.

Dragonfall Bazaar

DragonfallBazaar MapIcon.png

Normally a bustling center of trade, the Dragonfall Bazaar has been overrun by the Old Ones' army, with one merchant refusing to budge.

Greystone Plaza

GreystonePlaza MapIcon.png

Greystone Plaza is normally abuzz with celebration and merriment, but now it is host to the Old Ones' army as they bombard the massive gates that protect the innermost part of Dragonfall.

The Ramparts

TheRamparts MapIcon.png

A small force has broken through the Dragonfall defenses and is making their way towards the Ramparts. Stop them before they reach the Throne Room!

The Throne room

TheThroneRoom MapIcon.png

Some of our foes have slipped through and are threatening the Dragonfall royal family and Eternia Crystal. Hold the line or all is lost!

Forest Crossroads

ForestCrossroads MapIcon.png

A group of Talongaurd have been ambushed while escorting one of the few remaining Eternia Crystals! Help defend the crystal before the horde army manages to destroy it, releasing the chaotic power within.

Liferoot forest

LiferootForest MapIcon.png

A mysterious creature has shot down one of the Defense Council's important transport ships! Make your way through the depths of this ancient Forest and Protect the precious cargo inside.

The Wyvern Den

TheWyvernDen MapIcon.png

Make your way into the cavernous lairs of the Wyvern Mother to recover the mysterious ancient creature eggs.