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Itsy-Betsy 2.png
Itsy-Betsy 3.png

Itsy-Betsy is hatched from the Betsy Dragon Egg which can be bought from the Treasure Pirate in the Tavern for 180 Wyvern Tokens or 10000 Defender Medals.
It's Hatchling form is similar to Serpentiny's, but with a unique texture. Like Premium pets, it changes form when evolving, whereupon it grows bigger and more imposing.

Pet Stats

Attack Rate: [111-140]
Number of hits per attack: 9
Attack growth per level: +5

Stat Hatchling (1-10) Fledgling (11-25) Veteran (26-45) Elder (46-60) Maxed out (60)
Basic lvl. Attack Damage [55-75] [105-125] [180-200] [280-300] [350-370]
Basic lvl. max DPS 608.1 1013.5 1621.6 2432.4 3000

Unique Ability

Lil Betsy Projectile - Fires a bolt dealing 2500% magical Hero Damage and reducing enemy damage by 50% for 8s. 30 seconds CD.