Berserker Orc

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The Berserker Orcs, also known as Lady Orcs, are Chaos Enemies that make their first appearance in Chaos 4. These enemies should not be confused with the Lady Orc mini-bosses found in the Campaign.


Berserker Orcs are female Orcs, known for their fast movement speed and heavy melee damage.

Boss Variant

The mini-boss variant for Berserker Orc is Gnash the Flame Lance, a larger Berserker Orc.


Berserker Orcs are notorious for running past barricades and other distractions, quickly reaching and killing the objectives. As a result, they can easily catch unaware players off guard and killing the objectives before players have time to react. This can be prevented by sealing up lanes with barricades, so that enemies are unable to simply walk around them. If a barricade goes down, act quickly to rebuild the barricade before Berserker Orcs leak through.

Due to their fast movement speed and heavy damage, they are also very effective at killing barricades. Defences with crowd control effects like stuns and slows are commonly used to control and counter them. Make sure that there are defences to quickly kill Berserker Orcs that do reach the barricades. The Shielding Guard and Sharpened Spikes shards are often used as well to keep the barricades alive until the defences can kill them.

When dealing with Berserker Orcs head-on, be wary of their heavy melee damage. As a melee fighter, keep a distance whenever possible, and back up when they swing.