Berserker Orc

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Berserker Orc
Chaos IV Enemy - Berserker Orc.png
Enemy Types Orc, Melee, Chaos
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances Expeditions, Onslaught, Incursions and Mastery
Schedule Icon Berserker Orc Icon.png

The Berserker Orc (also known as the Lady Orc or a Zerker) is a featured Chaos enemy. These orcs have trained to be naturally resistant to any sort of slowing effect or traps.


Berserker Running Slow Immunity.gif

Berserker Orcs has high movement speed, moderately high health, and high damage. They also are immune to slow debuffs.

However, due to bodyblocking physics, the Berserkers Orcs' pace will be slowed down if they are running right behind other enemies.


Berserker Orcs are a big threat due to their speed and damage. They should be prioritized and eliminated as quickly as possible. Newer players should stop their advance with blockades and target them with heroes. Berserker Orcs are notorious for finding their way around blockades, so good placement is also necessary. Berserker Orcs can also be stopped with stunning effects, but the majority of players will not have access to reliable stuns early on. If Berserker Orcs are not quickly eliminated, they will deal massive damage to blockades and towers and can easily slip through to destroy your crystal core.


For Expeditions, Incursions and Mastery, Berserker Orcs first appears in Chaos 4 and all subsequent Chaos tiers.

In Onslaught, Berserker Orcs starts appearing in floor 12 onwards as part of schedules with "Zerker" or "Zerk" prefixes/suffixes.

Gnash the Flame Lance
Chaos IV Enemy - Gnash the Flame Lance.png
Enemy Types Orc, Melee, Chaos, Miniboss
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances Expeditions, Onslaught, Incursions and Mastery
Schedule Icon Gnash.png

Miniboss Variant - Gnash the Flame Lance

Gnash the Flame Lance is a larger Berserker Orc miniboss who deals more damage and has more health than regular Berserker Orcs. She wields a flaming blade that can set your heroes or defenses on fire, dealing damage over time. She has a chance of appearing on wave 5 in Chaos 4 and can also appear on Omega Waves (wave 6) in The Lost Temple in Onslaught.

Notes and Trivia

  • Despite being commonly referred to as "Lady Orcs" by the community, Berserker Orcs are not the same enemies as the original Lady Orcs
  • The icon used for Gnash does not resemble how the miniboss looks in-game in any way.



  • [Early Access] 19.0 : Introduced.