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Rings are Chaos 9 and Chaos 10 exclusives, They drop from Victory Chests which Heroes can equip in their ring slot. They always contain 1 special ring with an exclusive mod.
Rings also provide Heroes with a guarantee primary that is Hero Health and a random secondary stat which can be Hero Damage, Armor or Ability Power.

Stat Ranges

All Stats Assume Max Upgrades (Minimum-Maximum stat rolls)
Armor Chaos 9 Chaos 10
Hero Health Stat 11,138~12,430 14,030~15,656
HD/AP/Armor 5,678~6,388 7,152~8,046

Types of Rings

Upgrade Cost

Rings were made to sink gold out of the economy and to give a little bit of extra power, hence why the they have 50 upgrade levels.
Benefits to upgrading a ring is that the tier and upgrade level do not downgrade when doing an Ancient Power reset.

Ring level 0-50 Cost
Tier Gold Defender Medals
Chaos 9 50,000,000 10,000
Chaos 10 62,500,000 12,500