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Survival is a gamemode in Dungeon Defenders 2 where players survive endless waves of enemies that get increasingly difficult the further you go.

Survival Drops

The main material to farm in the gamemode is Godly Orbs. Godly Orb Icon.png
Godly Orbs is a material that allows players to advance legendary gear such as Armor, Weapons, Relics, and Rings to the godly tier.
Additionally, Godly Orbs can be used at the Blacksmith to reroll the tertiary stat on Godly equipement. They are only acquired by selling Godly equipment, which will drop between 1-3 Godly Orbs.

Survival Chest - Survival Chests have only a 20% drop chance every five waves. These chests contain Legendary Weapons, Armor, and Relics, while Pristine chests have a chance to drop Godly equipment. Exquisite Chests guarantee the drop of at least one Godly item. Additionally, Survival Chests include Survival Shards, Gold, and Materials, with the possibility of receiving Defender Packs and one of two new Rings; Ice and Life

Survival Bags - Every 5 waves, players are awarded Survival Bags. These bags may contain Legendary Weapons, Armor, and Relics, as well as additional rewards like Gold, Motes, Hammers, and Chaos 1 - 10 Shards. The bags are classified into four tiers : Plain, Shiny, Pristine, and Exquisite based on the completed Chaos level.


Survival Shards - Survival Shards are a new and separate tier of shards only obtainable from the survival gamemode or from the Explorer.



  • SurvivalDamageResistanceBuff Icon.png In Survival starting at wave 276, enemies will gain damage resistance. Enemies will gain 5% damage resistance every 2 checkpoints and caps at 95% when at wave 456.
  • Movement Speed.png In Survival starting at wave 286, enemies gain increased movement speed. Enemies will gain 10% speed every 4 checkpoints and caps at 100% when at wave 466.


  • Survival Introduced a new mechanic for progression where players can join any wave above their own current checkpoint and still progress it.
e.g. If a player with a wave 71 checkpoint joins someone on wave 276 and gets to wave 281 their wave 71 checkpoint will increase to wave 76.
  • Checkpoints are separate for every map.
Expedition to Survival Unlocks
Tier Wave Equivalent Starting Checkpoint
Chaos 1 Wave 1~5 Wave 6
Chaos 2 Wave 6~10 Wave 11
Chaos 3 Wave 11~15 Wave 16
Chaos 4 Wave 16~20 Wave 21
Chaos 5 Wave 21~25 Wave 26
Chaos 6 Wave 26~30 Wave 31
Chaos 7 Wave 31~40 Wave 41
Chaos 8 Wave 41~50 Wave 51
Chaos 9 Wave 51~60 Wave 61
Chaos 10 Wave 61~70 Wave 71



  • DD2 Splash Logo.png August 8th 2023 : Introduced.