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There are multiple NPCs in Etheria, most you will find in the Tavern and Town, but you will come across some of them only in maps.
NPCs can provide services, have shops, or just present fun interactions, making puns or discussing work.


These NPCs will either sell you something, or provide a service.

The Blacksmith


The Blacksmith is an important npc that helps players alter the stats or tier of their equipment. He can be found nearby Explorer in Town and Tavern.



Explorer (formerly The Relic Hunter) is a vendor that sells survival drops such as chests or shards to players in cost of godly orbs.
He can be found nearby The Blacksmith in Town and Tavern.

Gran Ma'ster's Shop


Gran Ma'ster is a vendor in the tavern that sells Shards that are available to all Heroes for Gems.
She sold Skill Spheres prior to the Trials update, where Skill Spheres were removed.

She can be found standing next to the War Recruiter behind the Training Dummies in Tavern, or on the right side of the Pirate Ship in Town.



The Mananode is a guardian of the Ancient Ruins, you will first encounter him in the Adventure for The Kobold Bling King.
Mananode's main feature in Town is to help you Ancient Power.
Mananode also gives you your green mana to build defenses at the start of Build Phase.

Mananode can be found only in the Town, he's between the Pirate ship and the Mysterious Portal.

Petrinarian and Stable Boy's Pets Shop


Interacting with the Petrinarian will open the Petrinarian window, allowing you to view, equip, feed, power up, and evolve your Pets.
You can find her to the right of spawn in Tavern or to the left of the First Mate in Town.


The Stable Boy will open the Hatchery window when interacted with, which can be used to hatch any Pet Eggs you may have.
Both windows can always be accessed, whomever of the two you may decide to interact with.
You can find him to the right of spawn in Tavern or to the left of the First Mate in Town.

Professor Proteus


Professor Sebastian Proteus, also known as "The Tinkerer" is the genius who adapted gear to have Mods on them. He's also the creator of Protobot and the Sky City Bank. Professor Proteus allows you to transfer mods from one item (e.g relic to relic, helmet to helmet,). This process costs Defender Medals or Gems as well as the respective upgrade material (e.g Plain Leather, Plain Iron Hammer). For a comprehensive list of materials, see Crafting Materials.

Professor Proteus can be found left of the Blacksmith in Tavern, or when going right in Town.

Click here to learn more about tinkering.



Protobot operates the Sky City Bank, which is a place to store items you don't want to keep in your inventory. Each player may unlock up to 12 Vaults and a Material Vault with Gems.
You can find Protobot and the Sky City Bank next to the Training Dummies in Tavern or behind the Emporium and to the right of the Relic Hunter in Town.

Knight Commander


The Knight Commander will inform you of newly unlocked Campaign maps and any Campaign-related quests you may have, although he does not do anything after you've beaten the Campaign and the Questlines.

The Tavernkeeper


The Tavernkeeper may be interacted with to report any bugs you find.

The Tavernkeep can be found behind the bar of the Tavern and Outside Tavern in Town.



When your inventory has completely filled up, the Scavenger will collect any further items dropped on a map. He also picks up items dropped from enemies killed by falling off the map.
These items will remain in the Scavenger's inventory for a limited amount of time (3 hours) (or 30 minutes on rare occasion) until he gets rid of them.

You can find the Scavenger to your right when spawning in the Tavern, or right of the Dragon Statue in the middle of Town.

Shady Merchant

Shady Merchant.png

Talking to the Shady Merchant will bring up the Missions Menu (accessed also by pressing "J" on Keyboard or LB + DPadUp on Controller).
He can be found behind the Tavernkeep's Bar in both Town and Tavern.

Black Market Dealer


The Black Market Dealer sells you Goblin Item Insurance scrolls for Gems, Defender Medals, or Gold. He also sells you golden Flairs ranging anywhere from 250 million to 1 billion Gold, which is replaced every once in a while.

Click here to view the black market.



The Colonel sells you rare Pet Eggs and Pet Affection Boosters for Defender Medals.
The Colonel can be found behind Professor Proteus in Tavern, or in the Pirate Ship in Town.

Click here to learn more about the Colonel's Shop.

War Recruiter

War Recruiter.png

The War Recruiter is a vendor in the tavern that sells Shard Packs for Shard Dust.
Giving War Recruiter 10 Shard Dust will grant you 1 Shard in return for the respective tier.
He can be found standing next to Gran Ma'ster.


Christmas Wayfarer.png

By completing specific Incursion maps, you can purchase unique weapons for 500 Defender Medals. The stats of the weapon are based upon your strongest hero. The item will tell you which Incursion you need to complete to unlock it.
The Wayfarer can be found only in Town, between the Pirate Ship and the Mysterious Portal.

Click here to see what weapons the Wayfarer might sell you.

The Enchantress


The Enchantress provides a Disenchanting service, allowing you to convert materials into lower quality materials.

You can find her in the tavern sitting at a table near the Pirate Cove, or next to the Blacksmith in Town.

Click here to learn more about her conversion rates.

Ol Peepers

Ol Peepers.png

Ol Peepers sells you a Carnival Crate every day you log in for 1000 gold.

First Mate


The First Mate sells you Crafting Materials for Gems or Defender Medals, also known as the Material Shop.

First mate is located beside the Colonel in the tavern or near the Mailbox in Town.

Click here to learn more about the Material Shop prices.

The Emporium

The NPCs in the Emporium let you access all kinds of Cosmetics for both you and your towers.

Seamstress's Costume Shop


You can purchase and equip Costumes here.

The Seamstress can be found in the Emporium.

Francisco's Tower Skins


You can purchase different Tower Skins here.

Francisco can be found in the Emporium.



Sigvald is a direct link to the in-game shop.

You can find Sigvald in the Emporium

Protean & Seaworthy Weapons


Here you can buy weapons with special kill animations for Gems

Ol Jeepers

Ol Jeepers.png

You can view the Defender Pass through Ol Jeepers.
He can be found at entrance of the "Emporium" area in both town and tavern.


In the many maps you'll play in Etheria, you'll sometimes find the King and Prince of Dragonfall watching you.

The King


The King of Dragonfall is a serious and stoic man. Throughout the Campaign he will speak to you, tell you what your objective is and explain Etheria.

The Prince


The Prince of Dragonfall is a happy and cheerful child.

You will first see him cheering you on from the top of The Gates of Dragonfall, and later from the throne in the Throne Room.

The Queen


Not much is known about the Queen. The only evidence of her existence is from a banner in the Throne Room.

After the raids from Assault on Throne Room, the King's banner is torn apart, her's however is left untouched.


The Mailbox


The Mailbox is used to claim and redeem codes.

Things purchased from DLC will automatically appear here.

Stubborn Old Man


The Stubborn Old Man is the owner of the Objective you need to protect in Dragonfall Bazaar. In the map he sits on his cart, which is the objective.

You can find him near the bar in both the Tavern and Town.