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Upgrading is a way for players to increase the stats of their gear by using Gold or Defender Medals. The upgrade system has been changed in the Trials Update to allow upgrading from within the inventory.


The Upgrade menu can be opened by CTRL + LClick on the item. Only Shards, Armor, and Weapons can be upgraded. Each item can usually be upgraded numerous times. Gear and relics can be upgraded up to 30 times if it is Epic and above, 60 if it is Legendary, and cannot be upgraded if it is lower than Epic.

For Shards, the max upgrade level varies between each shard.

Pre-Trials Update


Items could be upgraded at Lily's Upgrade Shop through the process of enchanting. Enchanting is a way to improve items of rarity Powerful or better. It is one of the main gold sinks in the game and has been changed at times to help reflect the state of the economy.

The number of times an item can be upgraded is limited by the Max Upgrade Items seen at the bottom of the item description between Sell Value and Required Level. This max upgrade level appears to be limited by item level giving a theoretical maximum of 50.

Enchanting Formula

These formulas were calculated by players on 22/10/2015.

The fusion power required per level is dependent on the current upgrade level and the rarity by following formulae:

FusionPower = UpgradeLevel * (ItemRarity * 4)

TotalFusionPower = UpgradeLevel*(Upgradelevel+1)/2 * (ItemRarity * 4)

Item rarity values are:

  • Worn = 1
  • Powerful = 3
  • Rare = 4
  • Mythical = 5
  • Legendary = 6

Gold Cost

The gold cost of upgrading an item is dependent on the current upgrade level, the rarity and the number of items being fused.

(Formula missing)

  • Powerful = 9 gold
  • Rare = 3 gold
  • Mythical = 16 gold
  • Legendary = 19 gold

Item upgrade boosters

Some items can be used with the enchantress to boost the amount of fusion power gained. Please note that the following fusion power values were obtained by fusing with legendary items; it is expected that these numbers are static but this has not been verified.

Item Name Source Fusion Power Gained Gold cost at upgrade level 1
Small Item Upgrade Booster 2812 250
Item Upgrade Booster 5635 500
Large Item Upgrade Booster Unknown Unknown