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Dungeon Defenders II had Steam trading card support added on 10 November 2015. There are currently 15 cards in the series. Because this is a Free to Play game, cards are earned by making in-game purchases. Steam Trading Cards can be used to craft badges aswell as Foil badges, which show on the player's Steam profile and increase their Steam level. The player can also craft emoticons which can be used in Steam chat. Lastly they can be used to craft backgrounds, which the player can display on their profile. The player can also directly trade the crafted items.

For more information about Steam Trading Cards, visit the Steam website and the FAQ.

Trading Cards

Number Name Normal Foil Art
1 Huntress Trading Card Huntess.png Foil Trading Card Huntess.png Huntress Card Art.jpg
2 Monk Trading Card Monk.png Foil Trading Card Monk.png Monk Card Art.jpg
3 Apprentice Trading Card Apprentice.png Foil Trading Card Apprentice.png Apprentice Card Art.jpg
4 Squire Trading Card Squire.png Foil Trading Card Squire.png Squire Card Art.jpg
5 SteamPunktress Trading Card SteamPunktress.png Foil Trading Card SteamPunktress.png SteamPunktress Wallpaper.jpg
6 Dark Arts Apprentice Trading Card Dark Arts Apprentice.png Foil Trading Card Dark Arts Apprentice.png Dark Arts Apprentice Wallpaper.jpg
7 Shinobi Monk Trading Card Shinobi Monk.png Foil Trading Card Shinobi Monk.png Shinobi Infiltrator Wallpaper.jpg
8 Ramster Knight Squire Trading Card Ramster Knight Squire.png Foil Trading Card Ramster Knight Squire.png Ramster Knight Squire Wallpaper.jpg
9 Goblin Trading Card Goblin.png Foil Trading Card Goblin.png Goblin Card Art.jpg
10 Orc Trading Card Orc.png Foil Trading Card Orc.png Orc Card Art.jpg
11 Petrinarian Trading Card Petrinarian.png Foil Trading Card Petrinarian.png Petrinarian Card Art.jpg
12 King of Dragonfall Trading Card King of Dragonfall.png Foil Trading Card King of Dragonfall.png King of Dragonfall Card Art.jpg
13 Seamstress Trading Card Seamstress.png Foil Trading Card Seamstress.png Seamstress Card Art.jpg
14 Town Guard Trading Card Town Guard.png Foil Trading Card Town Guard.png Town Guard Card Art.jpg
15 Tavernkeeper Trading Card Tavernkeeper.png Foil Trading Card Tavernkeeper.png Tavernkeeper Card Art.jpg


There are five levels of badges. Each time the player crafts it, the level will increase by one. There is also a Foil badge, which can only be obtained by using Foil Trading Cards.

Level Image Name
1 Rising Defender Badge.png Rising Defender
2 Valiant Defender Badge.png Valiant Defender
3 Seasoned Defender Badge.png Seasoned Defender
4 Master Defender Badge.png Master Defender
5 Legendary Defender Badge.png Legendary Defender
Foil Transcendent Defender Badge.png Transcendent Defender

Booster Pack

When opening the booster pack, the player receives three random cards.

Trading Card Booster Pack.png


Image Name Rarity
Apprentice icon trans.png  :dd2apprentice: Common
Monk icon trans.png  :dd2monk: Common
Squire icon trans.png  :dd2squire: Common
Huntress icon trans.png  :dd2huntress: Uncommon
Orc Icon.png  :dd2orc: Rare

Profile Backgrounds

Betsy Backround - Common

Red Riding Huntess - Common

Shinobi Infiltrator - Common

Pets & Dragons Background - Uncommon

SteamPunktress - Rare