User Interface

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  • Hero Level: Equipped Hero Level
  • Hero Experience: Experience Bar
  • Hero Portrait: Equiped Hero Portrait
  • Hero Health: Current / Maximum Health
  • Press "G" to End WarmUp!: After all the players press "G" the Defense Unit Chest can be open
  • Wave Counter: Number of the current Wave
  • Enemies Remaining: Shows how many enemies needs to be killed to end the wave
  • Minimap: Shows Allies,Enemies,Towers Location, Drops by Color.
  • Pet Skill: If you pet has enough level your will be able to see a icon in the box, if used a timer will be show to indicate the time to be used again
  • Hero Mana: Current Mana / Maximum Hero mana
  • Skill Mana Cost: The cost to use a skill, if you don't have enough to use a skill his icon will be red
  • Defense Unit Used/Max: It shows how many towers has been build and can be build
  • Defense Unit Available/Max: It shows how many defense units you have to spent
  • Defense Unit Cost: The value of a tower to be created

Interface Details