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In Dungeon Defenders II, players must defend their Main Cores and Sub Objectives from various creatures. These creatures are the minions of the Old Ones, an overarching evil presence in the world of Etheria.

Common Enemies

Most of these enemies (with the exceptions of certain variants) will be encountered from Campaign and Adventures onwards.

Goblin Icon.png

Goblin Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Gobu, Melee.
  • Variants : Griblok Icon.png Griblok, Timmy.
  • Light melee attacker.

Goblin Bomber Icon.png

Bomb Goblin Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Gobu, Ranged.
  • Variants : Quibly, Sammie the Trapper.
  • Light close-ranged attacker.
Warboar Icon.png

Warboar Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Warboar, Melee.
  • Variants : Warboar Tier 3 Icon.png Tuskar, Dark Prophet.
  • Medium melee attacker.
Javelin Thrower Icon.png

Javelin Thrower Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Ranged.
  • Variants : Statch the Stalker.
  • Medium ranged attacker.
Orc Icon.png

Orc Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Orc, Melee.
  • Variants : Steiner the Hunter, Treet.
  • Heavy melee attacker that also deals knockback.
Drakin Icon.png

Drakin Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Ranged.
  • Heavy ranged attacker. Spits a volley of fireballs.
Ogre Icon.png

Ogre Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Melee, Miniboss.
  • Variants : MR. SKWISH'N SMASH Icon.png MR. SKWISH'N SMASH, Wyvern Enthusiast brothers.
  • Extreme melee attacker. Also deals slam attacks for a small area damage and throws snot balls that slows heroes on hit

Wyvern Icon.png

Flyer Wyvern Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Ranged.
  • Variants : Strange Wyvern.
  • Flying ranged attacker.

Lightning Bug Icon.png

Flyer Lightning Nug Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Ranged.
  • Flying ranged attacker. Fires lightning projectiles that bounces between nearby targets.

Dark Mage Icon.png

Dark Mage Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Ranged, Support.
  • Variants : Malthius.
  • Summons skeletons from dead enemies while also healing nearby allies.
Skeleton Goblin Icon.png

Goblin Skeleton Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Skeleton, Melee.
  • Summoned by Dark Mages from dead enemies. Light melee attacker.
Skeleton Orc Icon.png

Orc Skeleton Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Skeleton, Melee.
  • Variants : Slekeleon, Plagueing Hulk, Trikk.
  • Summoned by Dark Mages from dead enemies. Moderate melee attacker.
Whiterbeast Icon.png

Witherbeast Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Support.
  • Variants : Golden Witherbeast.
  • Damage resistant enemy that burrows underground to emit an aura that increases damage taken by defenses while also healing allies.

Kobold Icon.png

Kobold Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Support.
  • Variants : Explodinator.
  • Suicidal enemy when near a target or on low health. Charges to its target at high speed and exploding on contact, dealing a high amount of damage.

Kobold Glider Icon.png

Flyer Kobold Flier Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Support.
  • Suicidal flying enemy that dive-bombs at high speed and exploding on contact when near a target or on low health.

Goblin Siege Roller Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Gobu, Miniboss.
  • Slow-paced war machine with a tanky exterior that's extremely resistant to damage. Attacks with rockets that targets random heroes and a frontal spiked roller that deals massive continuous damage to anything that blocks it.
Cannon Ogre Icon.png

Cannon Ogre Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Ranged, Miniboss.
  • Extreme ranged attacker. Uses a large cannon that deals a massive amount of burst damage. Also capable of melee attacks on heroes if they are too close.

Chaos Enemies

Unique enemies that requires different strategies to counter them. They appear in various Chaos difficulties of Onslaught, Expeditions, Incursions and Mastery.

Vanguard Icon.png

Vanguard Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Gobu, Melee, Chaos.
  • Variants : Shield Goblin Gorbstock.
  • Chaos I enemy. Uses a frontal shield that blocks all projectiles.
Cybork Icon.png

Cybork Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Orc, Melee, Chaos.
  • Variants : Thorc the Terrible.
  • Chaos II enemy. Attacks sends out EMP bolts that disables Trap, Aura and Node-type defenses.
Geode Icon.png

Geode Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Support, Chaos.
  • Variants : Geode Prime.
  • Chaos III enemy. Encompassing bubble shield that deflects all projectiles in random directions.
Berserker Orc Icon.png

Berserker Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Orc, Melee, Chaos.
  • Variants : Gnash the Flame Lance.
  • Chaos IV enemy. Very speedy and potently resistant to slowing effects. Fierce heavy melee attacker.
Dark Assassin Icon.png

Dark Assassin Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Melee, Chaos.
  • Variants : Skarnash the Terrible, Altar Assassin.
  • Chaos V enemy. Teleports and latches to heroes from spawn, disabling their targets while at the same time attacking to deal damage.
Regular Hex Thrower Icon.png

Hex Thrower Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Ranged, Chaos.
  • Variants : Hex Thrower Icon.png Sniper Warbleed.
  • Chaos VI enemy. Javelins produces curse marks on the ground that debuffs defenses. Has more coverage for projectile throwing distance than regular Javelin Throwers.
Kobolt Icon.png

Kobolt Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Support, Chaos.
  • Variants : Zapper Icon.png Zapper.
  • Chaos VII enemy. Dive-bombs towards targets when aggroed, exploding in an EMP burst that disables Tower-type defenses while also dealing high damage.

link=https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Death Weaver

link=https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Death Weaver

  • Enemy Type : ???, Chaos.
  • Variants : Queen Death Weaver Icon.png Queen Death Weaver.
  • Chaos VIII enemy. Fires webs that slows heroes down on hit and leaving behind a large spiderweb on the ground when defeated - any defenses within the webbing will be debuffed. Highly resistant to crowd control effects.

Special Level Enemies

Enemies with unique abilities that originates from special levels or Incursions. Some of them will also occasionally appear in Onslaught and Expeditions.

Lava Guard Icon Prototype 2.png

Lava Guardian Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Ranged.
  • Original Level : The Demon's Lair Incursion.
  • Attacks produces an AoE line of damaging lava fissures that also launches any heroes in its way upwards. Drops a lava ball that grants a speed boost on death.
Bastille Master Icon.png

Bastille Master Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Melee, Miniboss.
  • Original Level : Bastille Master Incursion.
  • Periodically puts up golden energy shields around her and any surrounding allies that multiplies any damage taken, before reflecting it back to the source.
Captain Dreadbones Icon.png


  • Enemy Type : Orc, Melee, Miniboss.
  • Original Level : Dark Awakening Incursion.
  • Cursed power buffs nearby allies and also debuffs heroes when they are struck by his scythe. Very speedy.
Frost Goblin Icon.png

Frost Goblin Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Frosty, Gobu, Melee.
  • Original Level : Revenge of the Yeti incursion.
  • Tougher and faster than regular goblins. Attacks produces chill effects that slows their target.
Frost Goblin Bomber Icon.png

Frost Bomb Goblin Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Frosty, Gobu, Ranged.
  • Original Level : Revenge of the Yeti Incursion.
  • More ferocious than regular bomb goblins. Attacks produces chill effects that slows their target.
Frost Orc Icon.png

Frost Orc Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Frosty, Orc, Melee.
  • Original Level : Revenge of the Yeti Incursion.
  • Emits a chilling aura that slows nearby defenses down.
Ice Mage Icon.png

Ice Mage Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Frosty, Support
  • Original Level : Revenge of the Yeti Incursion.
  • Charged attack fires a large chilling snowball that passes through heroes and slowing down defenses as well.
Drakin Skeleton Icon.png

Drakin Skeleton Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Frosty, Ranged.
  • Original Level : Revenge of the Yeti Incursion.
  • Fires a volley of chilling snowballs that slows both heroes and defenses on hit.
Yeti Icon.png

Yeti Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Frosty, Melee, Miniboss.
  • Original Level : Revenge of the Yeti Incursion.
  • Furry Ogre that throws snowballs that completely freezes both heroes and defenses alike instead of a snot ball.

The Drakenlord Icon.png

The Drakenlord Name.png

  • Enemy Type : Frosty, Melee, Miniboss.
  • Original Level : Drakenfrost Keep Expeditions.
  • Covers himself with an icy spherical aura that greatly reduces any damage taken while also chilling and eventually freezing anything within its radius. Frozen heroes within the sphere will shortly be struck down by specters.
Miscellaneous Enemy Icon.png

Skeleton Heroes Enemy Name.png

  • Enemy Type : ???, Miniboss.
  • Original Level : Return of Maldonis and Dawn of the Blood Moon Incursions, The Wildest West Expeditions.
  • Four minibosses - skeleton versions of the original four heroes. Deals a good amount of damage and knockback.


Large major enemies with challenging special mechanics that heavily defines specifics rounds. Essentially....these are boss fights!

Betsy Icon.png

Betsy Names.png

  • Encountered in : The Wyvern's Den in Campaign or Prime VI Incursion.
  • Mostly being passive aggressive during the first four waves, supporting her allies through speeding them up, placing curse marks, overloading heroes, summoning wyverns and raining fireballs. She will finally be able to be damaged during the fifth wave but heroes will also be dealing with her devastating firebreaths and deadly melee swipe attacks.
The Harbinger Icon.png

The Harbinger Names.png

  • Encountered in : Harbinger's Warship in Adventures.
  • A quadruple-phased boss fight that adds an additional attack pattern with each passing phase which includes dealing vicious punches, shard-erupting ground pounds, homing missiles, summoning of meteors on targets and damaging power drains. Also utilizes functions of his warship such as using his cannons to fire at the Core or the opening of a hatch that vacuums nearby heroes into the brig.
Demon Lord Icon.png

Demon Lord Names.png

  • Encountered in : The Demon's Lair in Chaos IV or Prime II Incursion.
  • A triple-phased boss fight, in which a phase can only end when a third of his health has been removed. Can only be damaged when stunned by a catapult-launched lava ball dropped by lava guardians. Attack patterns includes frequently throwing three giant lava boulders at heroes, defenses and core. He also sets everyone ablaze with his roar dealing very minimal chipping damage.
Eye of Cthulhu Terraria Icon.png

Eye of Cthulhu Name.png

  • Encountered in : Dawn of the Blood Moon in Chaos III or Prime VI Incursion.
  • Giant flying boss that appears only in wave 5. Goes through two phases of attack patterns - The first phase will have the Eye keeping a short distance from heroes while spawning Demon Eyes from its iris. The second phase starts when the Eye is damaged to less than half of its health resulting in its speed being increased and executing physical charges at heroes.


These enemies are only exclusive to certain Incursions only. They do not appear in Onslaught, Expeditions or Mastery.

Lady Orc Icon.png

Lady Orc Name.png

  • Variants : Sturgis the Falconer.
  • Female version of an Orc in appearance. (Currently only existing as Sturgis the Falconer in Forest Poachers Incursion)
Mal'Donis the Dark Icon.png

Maldonis the Dark Name.png

  • Encountered in : Return of Maldonis in Adventures and Incursions.
  • Puts out Dark Marks on the ground that damages any heroes standing on it while at the same time spawning Trikk and Treet minibosses each wave. Similar to Malthius or Dark Mages in general.

Demon Eye Terraria Icon.png

Demon Eye Name.png

  • Encountered in : Dawn of the Blood Moon Incursion.
  • Small flying eyeballs that targets heroes in a swarm, ignoring Cores and defenses.